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Shelley M. Chamberlain

December 21, 1966 ~ May 9, 2018 (age 51)

Shelley Chamberlain was born December 21, 1966 at Denver General to Bernadette and Manuel Garcia.

Shelley, and her brother Perry, would come to live with her grandparents Timothy and Simoníta Gonzalez while she was an infant.  They would adopt both Shelley and Perry and raise them with her brothers John and Tim. 

Shelley withstood the dangers of being raised with three brothers. One afternoon her brother Tim decided to help as she found herself stuck on the top of the fence. He failed to remember the Exacto Knife in his pocket that would leave a lifelong mark and family memory of her brothers’ help. 

At an early age Shelley insisted that separate gifts would be given for both her birthday and Christmas. But it would be her caring for others that is deeply remembered. Shelley kept in contact with everyone in her family and remembered the birthday of every family member and was always caring enough to send a card. 

Shelley cherished the simple joys of life, including Taco Bell. Throughout her life she would be known as someone who never judged people. She was known and loved for her accepting smile and her peaceful presence.  

Shelley was the mother of two sons. Her son David Gonzalez died as a child. Her son Scott she deeply loved and believed in. 

Shelley met her husband Al through creating coincidental accidents in her apartment that he worked for. Al claims she would break the light bulbs and even put sand in the dishwasher to get him to have a reason for him to come to her place to fix something. To Al she was a loving and kind woman. They would be married in Ft. Lupton on Shelley’s brother’s farm. 

Shelley’s friend Marla would do her hair for her wedding and Marla’s daughter Toni would be the flower girl in her wedding. Shelley was a kind a supportive friend who cared for Marla’s children and began attending church with Marla on Tuesday nights 5 years ago. 

Each week at church Shelley would arrive with a kind smile and a peaceful presence. On Tuesday May 8, she was at church giving hugs to those she loved. 

Shelley died the next morning, Wednesday, May 8, 2018. 

She is survived by her son Scott, her husband Al, and her brothers Perry, Tim, and John.

Shelley lived with sincere kindness, patient trust, and selfless love for her family and friends.

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